> Croatian Presidential Second Round

Date: 01.01.1970.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Ivo Josipovic and independent candidate Milan Bandic will compete in the second round of the presidential election on 10 January. Josipovic and Zagreb Mayor and former SDP member Bandic won the most votes in the first round yesterday (Sun), but neither got a majority. Josipovic got 32.44 per cent of the votes, Bandic 14.84 per cent. Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) candidate Andrija Hebrang failed to qualify for the second round.

Unfortunately the voter turn out was low with only 44% of the 4,447,533 Croats eligible to vote turning out. This was some 7% lower than the previous presidential election in 2005 when 51% of the electorare turned out to vote. Croatian President Stjepan Mesic who has served two consecutive terms as president and was ineligible for re-election said the reason for the low voter turn out was the lack of vision by the candidates and that the campaign had been boring.