Croatian real estate & property investment advisory services

At FPC we offer a bespoke investment consultancy service for clients looking to invest in Croatia real estate. Our advice is based on an in depth understanding of your needs and personal objectives. Our investment clients have a wide array of diverse requirements from personal use acquisition to investment portfolios. Our property investment consultancy services are designed to assist you irrespective of the size and type of your Croatian property investment, whether you are just starting out, or you are an experienced property investor looking to expand your portfolio.

Our clients include developers, wealthy individuals, private equity groups & international investment funds. Our expertise and experience on the Croatian property market encompasses a variety of asset classes with particular regard to residential & tourist land for development, residential and second-homes acquisition and resale. We are especially focused on highend real estate & residential property development opportunities in the best locations throughout Dalmatia, predominantly next to the sea.

In conjunction with its associated partners, is able to provide the following information and advice:

  • A full review and advice on your current or desired Croatian real estate portfolio
  • Which Croatian properties and locations you should consider and why
  • Recommending the right purchasing strategy to buy property in Croatia.
  • Recognizing value and how to do better than market averages
  • Assessing the true investment potential of properties for sale in Croatia by type and location
  • Strategic approaches to maximizing capital growth and tax effectiveness
  • Croatia property development strategies and advice
  • Investing in development seed capital
  • Investing in distressed Croatian real estate
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies and due diligence
  • How to finance your Croatian real estate investment portfolio to optimize returns
  • Advise on exit strategies