Property information

  • Code: BR1557
  • Building Land
  • Brac
  • Brač
  • From: € 281,727 | to: € 694,307

Key features:

  • Large agricultural lands
  • South side of Brac
  • Close to sea
  • Proximity to Milna
  • Suitable for a family farm
  • Possibility to build a house
  • Plot size: 31303 to 46348 m2
  • Seafront: Yes
  • Sea view: Yes
  • Distance from sea: m
  • Swimming pool: No
  • Parking: No
  • Water: No
  • Electricity: No

Property description

BR1557 – Large agricultural lands for sale Brac, paced in a tranquil inlet on the south side of the island. The plots offer proximity to the vivid blue sea, lovely views and are suitable for growing various cultures including olives, citruses and vine grooves.

There are 3 arable land plots for sale with a total land area of 46.348m2. The plots are being sold together but it is also possible to buy the largest plot separately. Two smaller land plots of can be purchased only as a whole of all 3 plots. The description and prices are as follows:

  • The first and largest plot is 31.303m2. It is placed 170m from the sea and beach. This ample land can be utilised for the establishment of a family farm, which allows the construction of a house with a basement. Other than that, it is possible to set up additional accommodation camps as part of the registered business – a family farm. The price is: €9 / m2 = €281.727
  • The second plot is 13.649m2. This land is situated 200m from the sea. The price is: €20 / m2 = €272.980
  • The third plot has 1.396m2 and it is located first row to sea and beach, and its shape is long and narrow hugging the shoreline. The price is: €139.600

These commodious agricultural lands for sale Brac, offer proximity to the bright blue sea and a small beach surrounded by pristine nature. They are suitable for family farming and growing various crops, including organic production. As previously mentioned, it is even possible to build a house with a basement. The nearest settlement is Milna, which is reachable within a 15-minute car drive. There you will find everything needed for a comfortable stay including a harbour, beaches and bathing spots, restaurants, convenience stores, a pharmacy etc.