Property information

  • Code: RG1416
  • Apartment
  • Rogoznica
  • Sevid
  • From: € 157,274 | to: € 390,000

Key features:

  • In construction
  • Proximity to sea
  • Tranquil surrounding
  • Parking
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Striking views
  • Bedrooms: 2 to 3
  • Bathrooms / Toilets: 1 to 2
  • Internal area: 58 m2
  • New development: Yes
  • Seafront: No
  • Sea view: Yes
  • Distance from sea: 100 m
  • Swimming pool: No
  • Parking: Yes
  • Water: Yes
  • Electricity: Yes

Property description

RG1416 – Beautiful apartments for sale Sevid, located only 100m from the sea, in a lovely tranquil surrounding with striking views of the entire bay. These spacious apartments are placed in 2 buildings in construction with a completion date during June of 2021.

The apartments for sale range from 2 to 3 bedrooms each offering terraces and / or balconies, a parking space with direct road access and close proximity to sea. The ground floor units offer a courtyard, while the second floor apartments have some 90m2 of roofed terrace with a nice pergola. These spacious apartments are just a 2-minute walk from a gorgeous white pebble bay with the clearest blue sea. As mentioned, they are placed in 2 buildings in construction: building A and building B, with building A placed closer to the sea.

The apartments placed in building A are:

S1A – is a 3-bedroom apartment with 84m2 of internal area and 2 terraces. Situated on the ground level of the building, this commodious apartment comes with a courtyard of as well as a swimming pool. The layout includes 3 bedrooms, an entrance area, a hallway, a bathroom and an open floor plan living room, kitchen and dining space with an exit to a 33m2 terrace. Bellow the terrace is the aforementioned swimming pool with a nice sun decking area. One of the 3 cosy bedrooms is en-suite. In addition to that, the en-suite bedroom and another one of the 3, share a balcony of approx. 11m2. The price is: €390.000

S4A – is a 2-bedroom apartment on the second floor of the building, it has 59m2 of internal space and a balcony of 11m2. It has an entrance space, a bathroom, 2 bedrooms, an anteroom and a living room / kitchen / dining area. The open floor plan living room is connected to the 11m2 balcony. The price is: €204.470

S5A – this 2-bedroom apartment is situated on the second floor. It has 65m2 of internal space and a terrace of approx. 33m2. The floor plan consists of an entrance space, a kitchen and dining room, a living room, a bathroom, a WC and 2 bedrooms. The terrace is accessible from the living room, kitchen / dining room and one of the bedrooms. The price is: €246.238

The apartments in building B are:

S1B – this is a 2-bedroom apartment with 58m2 of internal space and a terrace of 18m2. The layout of this ground floor unit includes an entrance space, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an anteroom, and an open floor plan living room. Sliding glass doors connect the living room / kitchen / dining space to the terrace where you can bask in charming views and fresh breezy air. The price is: €194.074

S3B – is a 2-bedroom apartment placed on the first floor of the building, it has 58m2 of internal space and a terrace of 18m2. This apartment has an entrance space, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an anteroom, and an open floor plan living room. Like S1B, this apartment offers a nice terrace with views accessible from the open floor plan living room. The price is: €157.274

S5B – is located on the second floor of the building. This unit has the same layout as the apartment right bellow it – S3B and S1B. The price is: €204.447

S6B – this second floor apartment has approx. 58m2 of internal area, a terrace of 13m2 and a balcony of 4,5m2. The layout of this unit includes a hallway, a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and an open floor plan living room with a kitchen and dining area.  The terrace of 13m2 is accessible from the dining room, as well as via one of the bedrooms, while the other bedroom has its own balcony of 4,5m2. The price is: €203.297

Sevid is a lovely little village and a fantastic holiday resort. Located on a narrow peninsula in a beautiful bay, Sevid is well known to local people for its extraordinarily turquoise coloured sea. Aside from its rare vibrant colour the sea in Sevid is rich in marine life relishing in its cleanliness. Since the two building lands for sale are so close to the shore, the buyers always have a marvellous view of the sea and an opportunity to enjoy in its purity and freshness. The mentioned pathway from the parcels to the road provides a few minutes’ distance from an amazing pebble beach, which is another great asset. Overall having a holiday home in this charming little Mediterranean settlement is ideal for all of those in need of a peaceful gateway. Its breath-taking natural beauties paired with the locations’ serenity really give you a chance to relax and recharge undisturbed by the commotion and crowd of large urban environments.