10 Reasons Why You Should Own Real Estate In Croatia

At First Property Croatia, we believe that life is a mosaic of choices, and owning real estate in Croatia is one of them. From our point of view, choosing a place to live or to spend holidays with your family and friends plays an enormous role in overall quality of life, because not all places are the same. With its enchanting natural beauty, abundance of historical and cultural monuments, vibrant, beautiful cities and pleasurable lifestyle, Croatia is one of the few places in the world where all of this beauty can be experienced in such a small territory. If you realized that Croatia is the place you want to spend holidays or the rest of your life, or you just want to enjoy healthier, wealthier life, we will be happy to help you settle in your new home.

Here are the 10 reasons why we believe why you should own a real estate in Croatia:

1. Natural beauty

If we were to write a book about Croatia’s fascinating natural beauty, it would probably take a few thousand pages. Located in the Southeast of Europe, pure and undiscovered, Croatia’s beauty is simply overwhelming. The beautiful Adriatic sea with more than a thousand islands, Croatia’s picturesque north, golden Slavonia fields, eight national parks, eleven nature parks, mountains, hills and lot more make Croatia an ideal place for someone looking to enjoy an abundance of beauty only nature can offer. The most beautiful places include national parks Plitvice, Brijuni, Krka, Mljet and Kornati islands, to mention only a few.

2. Enchanting history & culture

Every stone in Croatia tells an exciting story about its turbulent, glorious history and hard-earned freedom and independence. Due to its location at the crossroads of the East and the West, under influence of both Central European and Mediterranean culture, throughout its history, Croatia was everything but a dull place. Its cultural and historical heritage can be experienced not only through numerous museums, galleries, churches, but also in present, in the vibrant and gorgeous everyday life in the old historic UNESCO diamonds: Dubrovnik, Trogir and Split.

3. Geographical diversity

One thing is for sure, Croatia is beautiful throughout its territory. Although it is mostly known for its crystal-clear, amazing Adriatic sea with more than thousand islands, it offers so much more. Actually, the majority of its nature parks are located in the country, luckily not far from the Adriatic. One of the things that make Croatia so special is the fact that one can go skiing on Biokovo Mountain on a May morning, and still manage to take an early swim on beautiful beaches of Dalmatia in the afternoon.

4. Distinct cuisine

As with all the other aspects Croatia’s heritage, its cuisine was also affected by both Central European and Mediterranean culture, which implies different cooking traditions. The continental cuisine has a strong foundation in historical proto-Slavic gastronomical tradition, and has picked up a lot from Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish cuisine. It offers a delightful and wide range of meat and freshwater fish specialties often prepared on lard, accompanied by fresh vegetables, with spices such as black pepper, paprika and garlic. The most notable specialties include fiš paprikaš, kulen sausage, turkey and pasta tatters, Podravina Prga cheese, sarma, krvavice, strukle, Prekomurska gibanica, Samobor custard cake and a lot more.

Croatia’s coastal cuisine bears the influences of ancient Greeks, Romans and Illyrians with strong element of the Mediterranean (Italian, Venetian, French) cuisine. It is characterized by extensive use of olive oil and spices such as parsley, sage, rosemary, cinnamon, bay leaf, oregano, clove and many others. Cooking traditions are based on imaginative combinations of these spices with basic ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, dairy products) and regular cooking procedures, such as stewing, grilling, roasting and baking. Most notable specialties include Dalmatinska pašticada, Pag cheese, Janjetina (lamb), Dalmatia and Istria Prosciutto, Rožata and Kotonjata, Ston oysters and mussels & much more.

5. Excellent wines

Good food needs to be accompanied by a stellar drop of wine. Croatia’s wine tradition stretches way back into ancient history, to the ancient Greek settlers and their wine tradition on the southern Dalmatian islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula, two and a half thousand years ago. There are two main wine regions in Croatia, Continental and Coastal (includes the islands), divided into more than 300 geographically defined wine sub-regions. Majority of Croatian wine is produced in continental Croatia, which are mostly rich, fruity white wines with most widely planted Graševina grapes, which yields light, crisp, refreshing wines.

The coastal wine region streches from Istria in the north, across nothern and central Dalmatia,  all the way to Dubrovnik in the very south. With its Mediterranean climate characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short, mild winters, coastal Croatia is perfectly suited for wine production. In Istria and the north coast you are most likey to experience dry, fruity white wines wines of various grape varieties, dominantly Malvazija and bold, dry red wines from Teran grape variety. Further down Dalmatia, through its numerous islands and wine hills where every island has its own microclimate, the most important wine property is its terroir. A wide variety if grape cultivars are known here, where Plavac Mali being the best-known one.

6. Cozy lifestyle

When describing a lifestyle in Croatia, words like easiness, relaxation and enjoyment come to mind. Whether you are looking to enjoy your hard-earned retirement days in a sunny and relaxing place, or looking for second home to enjoy with your kids, Croatia shall provide you with tranquility, peace and beauty you are looking for. If we had to decide where to live in Croatia, we would probably vote for Dalmatia, with numerous picturesque little towns on the shore, abundance of cultural heritage and UNESCO protected monuments, good food, wide variety of great wines and enjoyable Mediterranean climate.

7. Temperate climate

Rich and fascinating in so many ways, Croatia was also given a temperate climate. The warmest parts of the Croatia are places on the Adriatic coast and its immediate hinterland, which are characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long, warm, dry summers and short, mild winters. For illustration, average yearly temperature in Dalmatia’s capital, Split, is 16, 4 °C, with 2621 sunshine hours annually and approximately 7, 2 sunlight hours per day.

8. Friendly people

When you hear the word Croatia, you probably think about magnificent Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik city walls, Diocletian’s palace in Split. But beside those (and many others!) famous monuments, this great country is also known for friendliness and its outgoing people. Making friendships here is a natural way to go, whether it’s the next door neighbour or a local ship captain. No matter what town or village you find yourself in, you can be sure that generosity and friendliness will come your way.

9. Political & economic safety

Republic of Croatia is formed and developing as a sovereign and democratic state in which freedom and rights of men and citizens are guaranteed and ensured, and their economic and cultural progress, and social welfare promoted. Freedom, equal rights, national and gender equality, love of peace, social justice, respect of human rights, inviolability of ownership, conservation of nature and the human environment, the rule of law and a democratic multiparty system are the highest values of the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia.  High democratic standards are acknowledged with Croatia’s entrance into European Union on 1st of July 2013.

10. Real estate value

Last, but not least, real estate prices in Croatia have dropped in recent years, due to recession and low purchasing power. There has never been a better time to claim your Croatia property. On the other hand, owning real estate in Croatia (especially Dalmatia and surrounding islands) is a safe investment as you can always rent your house and make extra income. For whatever reason you consider buying a property in Croatia, you should look for experienced and professional real estate agency to guide you through the buying process. At First Property Croatia, our highly professional international team of experts will make sure you get all the attention you need. Let’s make your life better!