Buying Croatian Property In A Culturally Protected Area

There is one other very important piece of information that one must be aware of when purchasing Croatian property that is located in a culturally protected area. As a buyer you do not have the right to purchase the property until it has been offered for purchase to the local council, county council and Republic of Croatia. The law states that each institution must confirm its intention to purchase within 60 days from receipt of the vendor’s confirmation that the property is for sale. If none of the institutions correspond within the given period then they automatically forfeit their right to purchase and you can legally buy the property.

When buying Croatian Property in most cases a pre-contract is signed with a deposit paid onto an approved third parties account with completion 14 days after having received confirmation from all three institutions that they do not intend to purchase or after the 60 day period has passed, whichever is sooner. Please note whilst this is a necessary process, it is extremely rare for any of the institutions to take up the offer to purchase Croatian properties in culturally protected areas. They do not have need or the means to do so. However, the procedure must be followed since failiure to do so can result in the Croatian property purchase contract being cancelled with you left responsible for getting your money back from the vendor.