Property information

  • Code: OM1545
  • Building Land
  • Omis
  • Omiš
  • € 650,000

Key features:

  • Large building land
  • In a lovely settlement
  • Excellent building potential
  • Close to sea
  • Easily accessible via defined roads
  • Investment opportunity
  • Plot size: 2018 m2
  • Seafront: No
  • Sea view: Yes
  • Distance from sea: 140 m
  • Swimming pool: No
  • Parking: Yes
  • Water: Yes
  • Electricity: Yes

Property description

OM1545 – Large building land for sale Omis, situated in a lovely village with preserved natural beauty. The 2.018m2 plot is located some 140m from the sea, and just a few minutes’ walking distance from a charming local beach.

This truly sizeable building land offers excellent construction potential. Namely, the relevant urbanistic plan allows the construction of multi-floor buildings and a generous construction coefficient. The details depend on the building type and are as follows:

Detached buildings:

  • Max construction coefficient: 0.3 (meaning that the total floor area of the building can occupy a maximum of 30% of the total land area)
  • Max building height: Basement + Ground floor + 3 floors or even up to 5 floors if the plot is at least 1000m2

Semi-detached buildings:

  • Max construction coefficient: 0.4 (meaning that the total floor area of the buildings can occupy a maximum of 40% of the total land area)
  • Max building height: Basement + Ground floor + 3 floors or even up to 5 floors if the plot is at least 800m2

Buildings in a row:

  • Max construction coefficient: 0.4
  • Max number of new buildings in a row is 4 buildings up to the maximum height: Basement + Ground floor + Floor + Roof

Given the size of the land which is 2.018m2, it is possible to maximize the offered construction potentials. In other words, the plot can comfortably accommodate several separate luxurious multi-floor buildings, either villas or apartment buildings. Other than that, as previously presented, it is even possible to construct an entire residential complex. It is reasonable to expect that all levels would offer excellent sea views. Furthermore, in addition to the land being located near the sea, the surrounding area is adorned with lush greenery. The settlement in which this land is located is peaceful, but definitely not isolated and cut off from other popular Dalmatian destinations. Moreover, it is easy accessible via defined roads, making it a good starting point for day-trips and excursions.