Project Apartment Tonciceva

The apartment in Tonciceva was purchased with the intention of running a rental business with some personal use throughout the year. Based in Canada, the clients engaged the architect Paula Babić to come up with a very stylish looking unit, combining modern & classic features to create a comfortable & homely feel. In turn Paula engaged us to assist with the management and supervision of the project. The apartment is in the center of Split, located on the third floor of a residential building. The apartment needed complete renovation with some structural intervention and for which a building permit was required. All of the equipment, appliances and furniture were purchased in Split with much of it being imported from Italy.

Paula was key in every aspect of this project, especially the design, interior and finishing detail. If you would like to contact Paula regarding architectural work please contact us here. Paula specialises in renovation projects in the old town, and has a superb eye for detail with regard to both design and interior finishes. She combines functionality with stylish design in order to maximise the guest experience. If you are about to partake in a renovation project in town we would highly recommend you get in touch.

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