Project Villa Nepos Split

The house at Nepos 1 was purchased by Vila Nepos a company investing in tourism in Central Dalmatia. The house is situated in one of the most prestigious locations in Split, opposite the Cathedral Sveti Duje by Peristil. The house is spread over 4 floors and was completely derelict needing total reconstrucion from within. The project was of particular interest because the house is believed to have housed the presidential gaurd during the Deocletian period. Furthermore, the central wall running through the property used to be the main east wall of the Deoclitian Palace and still has parts of the original 4th Century wall in tact. Prior to starting the project it was necessary to do a detailed study of the building to indentify all of it’s historical elements. Those of importance had to be sanated and presented.

Being located in the heart of the old town, there were several major challenges faced. Firstly, due to the poor state of the building it was necessary to stabilise the existing structure without compromising the neighbouring properties or the original Deocliotian Palace wall; and secondly detailed planning was required to ensure that all of the necessary instalations could be placed. This was because of the lack of pace between the walls and floors due to low ceilings and very thick walls. All of this whilst working within a very confined space on a building that was built and modified many times since the 4th Century.

The house is 470m2 of gross area, with around 320m2 of living space (it has very thick walls!). From this 4 luxury apartments with a reception area and toilet were created. It was necessary to completely gut the house leaving only the existing supporting walls in place and then rebuilding the entire structure and new layout from within. The finish and style is to a high standard with a classical look & feel throughout. It was necessary to obtain a location and a building permit for this project because the house was over 400m2.

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