Where to buy property in Croatia

If you are not sure where to buy property in Croatia, we at FPC believe that long term the most favorable and interesting locations to own exclusive properties in Croatia are in the region known as Dalmatia. Dalmatia is home to some of the most dramatic and stunning scenery found anywhere in Europe today. Crystal-clear seas, lush islands, unspoilt fishing villages, beaches, vineyards, Roman ruins and medieval walled cities are all a feature of this truly dramatic landscape. And perhaps most importantly the weather in this part of Croatia is the best you can find in Europe today especially when it comes to sunshine hours. Hvar Island boasts over 2750 hours of sun a year, more than anywhere else in Europe today, and as a whole the region gets on average around 2650 hours of sunshine a year.

Dalmatian is home to a string of islands which are among the most beautiful in the world. In Northern Dalmatia there are Dugi Otok, Pag, Uglijan, Kornati and Muter, in Central Dalmatia there are Brač, Hvar, Vis, and Šolta and in Southern Dalmatia you’ll find Korčula, Mljet, Lastovo and Elafit (Lopud, Koločep, Šipan). First Property Croatia believes all of the Island’s, with particular regard to the island of central and southern Dalmatia have excellent potential offering a truly exceptional combination of history & culture, lifestyle & unspoiled natural environment and the best place to buy property in Croatia, and some of the best locations to own property anywhere in Europe. Each Croatian Island has its own charm, and our clients always end up having a favorite.

We believe that as the island’s develop, we will see an increase in high end tourism with exclusive boutique hotels & spa’s and marina’s opening up and exclusive gated residential developments backed & serviced by known hospitality brands being built. In turn these will be supported by an increase in tourist orientated business startups including exclusive restaurants, high fashion boutiques, night life, eco-tourism, activity tours etc. We expect this to happen within a restricted development framework thereby ensuring there is no rampant over development as seen in many other parts of Europe today. It is our belief that within the next 7 to 10 years the Croatian Island’s in this region will become one of the most desirable and exclusive European holiday options. We expect this to support and drive rental prices of exclusively located real estate in Croatia as well as their capital values.

Much of the above applies to the following areas too. On the mainland of Central & Southern Dalmatia, there are the UNESCO protected towns of Trogir, Diocletian Palace in Split and the old town of Dubrovnik which offer a slice of history and a unique and enchanting experience. Property within the old towns of Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik are highly desirable and prices have risen dramatically over the last 10 years. However, rental yields with particular regard to Split are excellent due to a shortage of suitable units coupled with a potential all year round rental season. So even though the property prices in Split are high, yields compensate and medium to long term Split property in the old town or near the sea will achieved solid capital growth.

There are two areas in Central & Northern Dalmatia we believe are of real interest for people looking for property for sale in Croatia. These are the Omiš & Makarska Riviera’s and the area from Trogir to Primošten. Both the Omiš & Makarska Riviera’s are the most beautiful parts of Dalmatia (in our opinion), with their mountainous backdrops, pebble beach’s, small inlets & coves, crystal clear blue sea and lots of sun. Furthermore there is lot to do and see. For the outdoor enthusiast there are a wide variety of sports climbing, windsurfing, rafting, cycling & walking. Access to this area is also improving with the new highway having now been built, as well as a bypass planned which will run between the coastal road and the motorway, reducing drive times from Split airport most importantly during peak summer season. For property investors looking for properties in Croatia, this area is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. Apart from it being absolutely stunning in the way of natural surroundings, due to the geography of the area (it is only 2km wide from the top of the mountain to the sea) there is simply a finite supply of land, meaning supply will always remain restricted and as a result sustain strong price growth over the medium to long-term.

The area from Trogir to Primošten which are north of Split, are becoming increasingly popular with investors looking to buy real estate in Croatia. One of the main reasons is there is more land available here than in the south of Split (Omiš & Makarska Riviera) due to a more moderate landscape, and proximity to the airport which has undeniable appeal for those foreign and Croatian property investors looking for ease of access.

Furthermore the UNSECO protected town of Trogir is a major tourist attraction and Split is around 45 minute drive. Mid way between Trogir and Primošten is Rogoznica which is both geographically interesting with a long peninsula of winding coastline and beautiful scenery but also home to Marina Frapa, the most exclusive marina in Croatia and a major attraction for foreign property buyers looking for investment property in Croatia.

Primošten is a fantastic tourist destination and offers a unique slice of Croatian history. Surrounded by seven small islands, fantastic pebble beaches, olive groves and vineyards, Primošten old town is a charming place sat on a small peninsula looking out to sea. Whilst property on the coast in Primošten is expensive you can get excellent value if you buy in land some 10 minute drive from the centre. In these locations you have beautiful sea views and privacy (in most cases) with easy access to Primošten centre and at a fraction of the cost of Croatian coastal real estate.