Key Steps for a Safe Property Purchase In Croatia

This is a simple overview of the three main steps which one needs to take to buy property in Croatia stress free. All of the following will assist you buy giving you knowledge and understanding but it is essential that a qualified and independent lawyer is hired to oversee the process of safe property purchase In Croatia.

Croatian Land Registry certificate or book of deposited contracts:
Is the seller registered as owner of the property in Croatia?
Is the property mortgage-free, without right of way issues etc.?
Identify the real estate  (is it the Croatian property one is buying, the same property on the certificate).
Identify the seller (check his/her ID card and another document to ascertain that the seller is the registered owner of the property).
Croatian Sales & Purchase Contract:

Must be made in writing.
The seller’s signature must be verified by a Croatian notary public.
The seller’s identity to be confirmed – the data in the contract must be identical to those in the Land Registry certificate.
The property must be accurately described – copied from the Land Registry certificate.
The price and mode of payment must be clearly stated, as well as the hand-over date, and the costs of use until hand-over.

Permit for land registration on Croatia (clausula intabulandi):

Either as part of the sales & purchase contract, or a separate written statement, verified by notary public.
Contract – original or verified copy.
Permit for registration – original or verified copy.
Right of ownership.
Registration fee.

The Croatian property purchase process is fully completed upon land registration and not before.