Hvar Real Estate & Area Info

So why are people considering investing in Hvar property?  With over 2700 hours of sunshine a year, Hvar has been deemed the “sunniest place in Europe”. Hvar has gentle winters and warm summers and enjoys a mild climate year round. This favorable climate has made Hvar a renowned health resort since 1889. The landscape on Hvar ranges from woods and olive groves, vineyards and fields of lavender, to pebble beaches and mountain forests. In short it is one of the most beautiful places to be in Europe today and people who have been to the Island on holiday or have heard about it through friends or the media are showing interest in buying Hvar real estate.

In 1997, Conde Nast named Hvar one of the top ten most beautiful islands in the world. The charming towns and villages are alive with history and the small population of Dalmatian heritage are a friendly and relaxed group of people. Despite the growing tourism on the island, Hvar has virtually no crime and the island is still unspoiled. Everything about Island makes it an ideal location to invest in real estate Hvar, whether that be as a permanent residence or a vacation home.

There is a wide range Hvar property available on the Island, although supply of good Hvar properties in recent years has declined.
This is because of the lack of new development due to the recent financial crisis. However, it is still possible to find good apartments, older buildings for renovation and in particular old stone houses especially in the inland villages on Hvar. Stone houses are much loved and sought after and can be found all over the island from the small inland villages to Old Town Hvar. These very old homes are perfect for those looking to invest in a piece of Croatian history. Buliding land Hvar is also popular bceause it gives buyers the opportunity to develop something exactly according to their requirements. Some people are not prepared to go through the building process and for those Hvar property such as an apartment or villa is more suitable, but those who dont mind building, buying land on Hvar can be the best option.

For those looking for a smaller vacation spot for frequent getaways to Hvar, an apartment may be more suitable both in terms of management & upkeep but also in terms of initial investment. Apartment real estate Hvar style is not like your average American apartment complex.  Newer built apartments on Hvar are generally smaller from 50m2 to 70m2 as an average with many of them overlooking the sea. Then there are those which are located in large stone houses in the center of Hvar Town, but most of these are not for sale and used for holiday rentals to tourists visiting the Island.

It is possible to find villas for sale Hvar, however most of them are divided into apartments. An example of a typical villa on Hvar is a large building comprised of three full apartments across three floors, a patio, parking spaces and a garden all overlooking a gorgeous view of the sea. This type of Hvar property can be easily rented out to the many tourists who vacation on the Island. For the savvy investor who also wants to vacation on Hvar, one floor of a villa can be occupied by the owner while the other two are rented out during the summer season.

With reasonably low real estate prices and so many desirable attractions, now is the time to consider investing in real estate Hvar. Whilst Hvar is still up and coming it is one of the most heavily advertised locations for investors looking to invest in real estate.