Korcula Real Estate & Area Info

With the size of 279 square kilometres, Korcula is the sixth largest Croatian island. Around 16 thousand people permanently reside on the island. The fastest crossing point to the mainland is from Domince (the port of Korcula town) to Orebic (on the Peljesac peninsula). Other ferry connections include routes from Vela Luka to Split (there is a high speed catamaran) and Korcula town to Dubrovnik. The biggest settlements on the Island are Korcula, Blato and Vela Luka. Along with 13 other villages, Korcula Island is under administrative authority of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Much like other Croatian islands, its history begins in the Stone Age, but becomes more significant in the Renaissance period and later under the rule of the Dubrovnik and Venice Republic. But perhaps the most well known fact regarding Korcula’s history is the fact that the world famous seafarer Marco Polo was thought to have been born in Korcula town in 1254.

Korcula is one of those destinations suited to property connoisseurs. Even though the local government ‘intends’ to build a small airport in Smokvica municipality, access to the island is still limited. The result is Korcula does not suffer from mass tourism and is in fact very well preserved. It is what real estate buyers find most appealing about Korcula Island. Infrastructure is well developed and most places have mains utilities (water and electricity). Summer time brings a lot of all-day-long activities and the island has plenty of good quality seafood restaurants, cocktail bars, gift shops, rent-a-boats, car hire outfits etc. The island also offers secluded beaches, lush nature, charming architecture and possibly the best agricultural products in the region, primarily white wine, olive oil and figs. One can easily enjoy all commodities of civilized life on Korcula, but in a non-pretentious environment.

Over the last few years the island has profiled itself as a destination for yachtsmen and upscale clientele looking for a classy holiday destination. This can be seen by some of the boutique hotels that have opened more recently on the Island as well as the new build luxury villas you will find first row to the sea. These more recent developments have provided a benchmark for the type of clientele that are now frequenting the Island, as well as the likely direction of Korcula’s future development. Unlike some other coastal destinations, Korcula island does not have hundreds of properties advertised for sale. A combination of access and strict planning regulations has kept the island in pristine condition. This doesn’t mean you will not be able to find a property in Korcula, just that the choice is quite limited. Moreover, the best Korcula properties tend to be at the upper end of the market. In fact Korcula has some of the best property next to the sea available anywhere in Dalmatia. Better still real estate prices are more reasonable than elsewhere on the Dalmatian coast.

The town of Vela Luka is often the first place to be experienced when arriving on Korcula  from Split. This sleepy fishermen’s settlement has a well-indented coastline and could be a good starting point for Korcula real estate buyers interested in stone houses and apartments. If you are looking for urbanised building land plots, they can be found northwest of the town towards Gradina bay. A 4km long walk from Vela Luka to Gradina bay will take you through secluded bays and pebble beaches and give you a great perspective of what to expect should you want to buy real estate on Korcula or develop your own holiday home. Locations like Vela Luka and Gradina may work well for property buyers appreciating nature and solitude.

The south side of Korcula island is filled with small bays, charming villages and fabulous beaches, such as Brna, Prizba, Zavalatica, Pupnatska luka and Rasotica, all well appreciated by yachtsmen. Sailing lovers will enjoy cruising around small islands in front of Prizba – which are dipped into the deep blue sea, overlooking the countours of Lastovo island. For high-end property buyers the southern coastline is a fantastic place to own a second home. Attractive family houses and newly built fashionable villas can be found here. Even though there are not many urbanised seafront plots left, plenty of sites in the second line east of Prizba village  can be found, all offering excellent sea views and dramatic untouched scenery. Lumbarda, the eastmost village, is also extremely beautiful and home to several sand beaches: Bilin Zal (popular among the locals), Vela Przina (the biggest sand beach on Korcula) and Tatinja. Exclusive stone villas along this stretch of the coastline will give you a hint that you will soon arrive to Korcula Old Town, often referred to as a mini Dubrovnik.

Korcula town is a stunning piece of history, an old town surrounded by medieval stone walls, set against the turquoise waters of the sea and the mountains along the Peljesac peninusla. It is really something special. Many of the old stone houses in town have now been renovated and in combination with the overall setting create a mesmerizing allure of romanticism and charm. Korcula town’s appeal is helping to drive Korcula real estate prices on this eastern side of the Island. Prices in the old town are relatively stable especially those in prime positions and with outside space.  Then there are the villages like Blato, Smokvica and Zrnovo which are great places to look if your  budget to buy real estate on Korćula is limited and you are willing to compromise a little: the lack of sea view will be replaced by charming stone cottages that will probably need external and internal renovation.

Booming years have quietly passed by the property market on Korcula, leaving the island without a flood of unsold apartment buildings. Perhaps the best years of real estate market on Korcula are yet to come. Either way, the island was spared from price speculations and as such is slowly making its come back on the list of sought-after property spots recognized by firmly believe that Korcula has a lot to offer to the second-home buyers. It is up to you to discover all of its advantages with our assistance.