Makarska Real Estate & Area Info

Makarska is a town in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia with a population 13,716 (2001). It is located on the Adriatic coastline of Dalmatia, about 60 km southwest of Split and 140 km north of Dubrovnik. Makarska is a tourist town located on a horseshoe shaped bay between the Biokovo Mountain and the Adriatic Sea. The city is noted for its palm-fringed promenade, where fashionable cafés, bars and boutiques overlook the pretty harbor where many boats, yachts and motor cruisers are moored. Makarska features some of the best beaches in Croatia, and there is lots of greenery, olive-groves and pine forests too. The geography is incredibly dramatic with a striking mountain backdrop, picturesque old stone town surrounded by the clean blue sea of the Adriatic.

Makarska is an old city with narrow stone-paved streets, a main church square where there is a flower and fruit market, and a Franciscan monastery that houses a seashell collection featuring a giant clamshell. Most of the city\’s hotels are located just off of the bay and have their own private beaches. Tourism in Makarska has long been established, the 1st hotel was built in 1914, and the Society for the Beautification of the city was founded in 1922. It has been a renowned health resort for many years due to the warm climate and clean fresh air. It also has a rich cultural and historic heritage. Apart from the old town, there is the Malacological Museum ( in the Franciscan monastery ) with an engaging and unique collection from the Adriatic and other seas from around the world. It is one of the loveliest and richest Malacological museums to be found anywhere. Cultural and entertainment programs are also plentiful during the tourist season and offers a rich program of concert and drama, with performances of Dalmatian harmony-singing groups, art exhibitions, recitals and folk music performances. The hottest events are the Fishermen\’s Night and the Night of Kalelarga (night of the town).
Makarska is a great place if you are into sports, especially outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, sailing, cycling and more. The mountain trails that take you up Biokovo Mountain, provide the most amazing panoramic views and the air is clean and silent. There is also a lot of opportunity to play tennis, with a lot of outdoor courts as well as a new modern tennis center near the famous Makarska beach.

Why Buy Real Estate Makarska

Makarska property is very popular with foreign buyers. Clients who buy Makarska real estate do so because it is a well established tourist destination with lots of facilities, things to do, great weather all set in a one of the most beautiful locations in Europe today. Whilst real estate in Makarska is not cheap, it is still very affordable by western European standards. Moreover, with the recent financial crisis Markarska property prices have fallen and there are currently some great deals around.

Makarska real estate before the crisis, peaked at around €3500 / m2. This was for an apartment in the center or close to the sea. Currently it is possible to find apartments in Makarska next to the sea or in the town centre for €2500 / m2. This is around a 30% drop in price. Moreover, as it becomes increasingly difficult for developers to find land in Makarska center, the supply of newly built apartments will become increasingly restricted helping to drive prices up.

Currently villas for sale in makarska are becoming more popular, especially above the main road as you go up the mountain. In fact there are a number of local businessman who have moved out of the town center opting to build new villas in the hills where there is more space and some of the best views in Croatia. And now Makarska property developers have started to move in building villas with swimming pool, which is still a relatively new product in the area.