Omis Real Estate & Area Info

Omis is a half hour drive to the south of Split and lies beneath the Omis Dinara mountain and next to the Cetina River deep gorge, making for a striking and dramatic setting. On the mountain side perched up above Omis old town is Omis castle, which was built in the middle ages, to help protect Omis from pirates. The old town below has developed since and been occupied by the Venetian’s, Austrian’s, for a short time the French before it became part of Yugoslavia and today Croatia.

Omis is a fantastic place to go on holiday and is a great place if you enjoy outdoor sports; climbing, walking, biking, rafting, kite surfing, windsurfing and para-gliding. Moreover, there is an excellent beach in town and some of the best beaches in Croatia to the south. There are lots of restaurants, café bars, a couple of new 4 star hotels and boat trips to neighboring villages along the coast and Island Brac across the sea to the south.

The area around Omis is known as the Omis Riviera and stretches down from Omis center for about 20km to the seaside village of Pisak in the south. There are a number of villages both up in the mountain and along the coastline. There is a great offer of properties in the Omis area, from traditional family homes to modern villa’s with swimming pool and fabulous sea views.