Primosten Real Estate & Area Info

Primosten is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Dalmatia. It consists of a small town and a harbor and is one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic. With it’s small narrow streets, perched on a hilly peninsula it is a charming and enchanting place.  In fact Primosten has three peninsula’s, the second is to the north of the centre and the third to the south. Both feature several hotels with fantastic beaches, surrounded by crystal clear blue sea and forestry. Like most of this part of Dalmatia it has a mild climate with a lot of sunshine hours. Primosten is however more unique in one respect and that is that it is sheltered from the northly winds that blow strongly during the winter month, fondly know as the ‘Bura’.

There are lots of restaurants (many serving famous local speciality lobster a la Primosten !), as well as small traditional taverns, modern café & night bars and the largest and most famous club in Dalmatia, Aurora (it is about a 5 minute drive outside town). There are lots of sports and recreational opportunities including tennis, table tennis, bowling, beach volleyball and yachting.  There are a number of Yachting and diving schools. If you are into boating the Kremik Marina with it’s 250 sea berths and 140 land berths is a few kilometers south of Primosten on the way to Rogoznica.

Inland from Primosten, in fact in the area know as Primosten Burnji, there are plenty of traditional working villages which make for an excellent day out with some guest houses offering rooms if you feel like staying over. There is always a large selection of home-made food: prosciutto, cheese in olive oil, lamb on the spit, roasted meat, chickpea, olive oil, lentils, and other traditional dishes. You are also likely to get offered a glass or two of the famous local red wine Babić.

There are regular excursions organized including the Primosten Wine Trail which consists of a sightseeing tour through the villages of Primosten Burnji, visits to the Island of Krapanj and the Museum of Sponge Collecting and Zlarin (so-called “coral tours”). There is also the opportunity to go Trogir, Split and Šibenik too since they are all within easy reach.

Why Buy Real Estate in Primosten

Primosten real estate is very popular with Croatian property buyers, especially those looking in Dalmatia. Clients who buy Primosten property do so because it is a picturesque town surrounded by stunning scenery and nature, not yet overbuilt. The town has lots of facilities on offer, things to do and see and its position in this part of Dalmatia makes it an ideal place to base yourself during summer vacations. Primosten real estate attracts a slightly different type of real estate buyer than say Makarska. People buying real estate in Primosten tend to be a little older, looking for a retirement home or weekend retreat. It is especially popular with German & Austrian buyers.

Whilst real estate in Primosten is no longer cheap, it is still very affordable by western European standards. Moreover, with the recent financial crisis Primosten property prices have fallen and there are currently some great deals around. Primosten real estate before the crisis peaked at around €3000 / m for an apartment below the road and near the center. Currently it is possible to find apartments in Primosten in similar locations for €2500 per m2 and in some cases less. Clearly it depends on the location and position. For example it is possible to buy an Apartment in Primosten above the road and with a sea view for under €2000 per m2 now.

Land in Primosten in the best locations and next to the sea is selling a little below peak but due to a limited supply and continuing demand prices have remained relatively stable. Land in Primosten next to the sea or close to it is selling for between €300 & €400 per m2. Land above the road can be found for €200 and less the further away from the road you go. Inland Primosten you can find building land for as little as €50 per m2 but €80 to €100 per m2 is more normal and with that you will get a sea view.

The Primosten property market is still somewhat limited to land & apartments. Villas in Primosten, especially those with swimming pools are few and far between and those on the market are very expensive. We do however expect to see a number of large developments in the area in the next few years as the Croatian property market begins to pick up again. Before the crisis we saw a growing trend of people buying land inland of Primosten but with fantastic sea sea views with the intention of building a villa with a pool. We expect to see this trend start again as the market recovers.