Trogir Real Estate & Area Info

Trogir is an ancient town and harbor, 27km west of Split with a population of 10,000 people. The core of the old town is situated on a small island between Island Čiovo to the south and the mainland to the north. Trogir is a town-museum. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and nice alleys are given the opportunity in Trogir to learn about it’s long established heritage – from the Romanesque yard to the modern interiors.

Trogir is an excellent example of urban continuity. The orthogonal street plan of this island settlement originates from the Hellenic era – consecutive rulers continued to decorate it with exceptional public and residential buildings and forts. Its beautiful roman churches are supplemented with exceptional renaissance and baroque buildings. The most significant building is the Trogir Cathedral with its west portal, a masterpiece of Radovan and the most significant example of roman and gothic art in Croatia.

Trogir has a special atmosphere, which, despite the crowds during the peak summer period, makes it feel like a living town rather than just a tourist trap. A coffee on the promenade (called ‘Riva’ in Croatian) looking at the super yachts moored on the waterfront makes for a very pleasant way to while away an hour or so after taking in the cultural sights. There are also numerous coffee shops, bar’s and restaurants serving local delights in and around the old town. It is fun and lively place especially during the summer season but not attract the package tourist trade and as such feels exclusive.

Trogir is also a port and has ferry connections to the surrounding Island’s as well as day excursions to remote beaches in the area. It is also only 45 minutes by car from the National park Krka. To get to Krka, you drive to picturesque waterside village called Skradin and then a boat up the river to the park and waterfalls. Trogir is also attached to Island Čiovo, a well established, tourist destination and also a popular place to buy property in Croatia.

Why Buy Real Estate Trogir

Trogir’s is simply a wonderful place to relax and enjoy holidays and is one of the reasons it is so popular with Croatian property buyers. Moreover, with so much to do and see real estate in Trogir has become increasingly popular. It is also close to Split International Airport, which means access for Trogir property owners is easy and it has helped Trogir establish itself as a weekend destination. The airport is about 5km from Trogir center and takes about 10 minutes in the car.

Trogir property is also relatively affordable, with an apartment in Trogir fetching around €2000 / m2 near the center, falling to €1600 / m2 per meter on the outskirts. Bear in mind Trogir is not a big place and therefore everything is pretty much within walking distance. People looking to buy real estate in Trogir often decide tobuy a property on Čiovo, the Island attached to Trogir by a small bridge. It’s proximity to Trogir makes it a firm favorite and can be thought of as an extension of Trogir itself, the two are somewhat synonymous. Real estate in Trogir old town center is generally more expensive than on Čiovo excluding property by the sea, which always fetches a premium. In fact there are some very good deals for people looking to buy Čiovo property at the moment. For more on that click on this link cheap property Croatia.

Trogir’s position close to the airport has also made it a great rental destination. Anyone looking to buy a property in Croatia for the purposes of renting or for the purpose of owning a second home / investment in Croatian property, Trogir is a great choice. The combination of lots to do and see and easy access means the tourist season is much longer than in other parts of Croatia. In fact if property owners make an effort to promote and market their properties properly it is possible to rent a Trogir property for 4 to 5 months of the summer season.